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Why The Toyota Vitz Is Kenya’s Most Loved Car!

For many years, this rally winning car was the but of many jokes due to it’s miniature size, but thanks to it’s incredible engineering and gradually improved aesthetics, the Toyota Vitz has managed to silence all its initial haters(men). Despite initial steretypes, the Vitz is currently popular amongst both men and women thanks to its fuel economy. This compact hatchback quite literally checks all the boxes and makes car for daily commutes and city life, whether you are a new driver or veteran behind the wheel. The interior is also surprisingly spacious, and it comes in a wide variety of eye-catching colours that make it stand out even more!


Different Faces of The Toyota Vitz


Like many Toyota cars vitz is also available in a number of variants such as Jewela, F Package, FL Package, F Limited, F Smile Edition and U Package. The F is the base grade that comes with either a 1.0L engine or a 1.3L engine, 2WD/4WD, halogen headlights, plain steering wheel, keystart, 14-Inch steel rims, and a manual AC. The F Grade has 2 subgrades. These are the SMART STOP and M Package. The SMART STOP comes with the 1.3L engine, 2WD and Toyota’s Stop & Start System that switches off the engine when the car is not moving to conserve fuel. The M Package comes with the 1.0L engine, 2WD and a bi-color interior trim.


The Jewela grade has many similar features as the F grade, but with female car owners in mind, as you may have guessed by the name, and comes in a variety of vibrant and jewel toned colours. The U is the luxury grade, and comes with either a 1.3L engine or a 1.5L engine, 2WD/4WD, xenon headlights, steering audio controls, chrome trim, keyless/smart start, 15-Inch steel rims, turn signal on side mirrors, luggage cover, padded seats and automatic AC. Last but not least is the RS which is the sports version that comes with a supercharged 1.5L 1NZ engine, 2WD, Xenon Headlights, Fog lights, steering audio controls, chrome trim, keyless/smart start, 16-Inch alloy rims, turn signal on side mirrors, luggage cover, padded seats and automatic AC. A subgrade of the RS known as the C Package which is a basic RS that comes with halogen headlights, manual AC, and keystart.


Fuel Economy


In our Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in Kenya blog, we ranked the Vitz 7th. It has one of the best fuel consumptions in the world for a car that is not a hybrid, and consumes fuel at a remarkablee 26.5 Km per liter. This is even more impressive, if you take into account the power and standard 1,3 liter engine. Most recent models have a fuel tank capacity of atleast 42 litres.




Compared to its competitors, like the Honda Fit and Suzuki Swift, the Toyota Vitz offers more to drivers when it comes to infotainment and luxury. The latest versions are equipped with ABS, power steering, a central locking system, front fog lights, steering adjustment, USB connection, navigation, DVD, AC, power door locks and additional safety features such as SRS Airbags, Curtain Airbags, ABS, EBD, VSC, TRC.


Care & Maintainence


It is one of the most reliable cars in the market and extremely affordable to maintain. Genuine spare parts are easily available and with the Carhoot App, minor service costs as little as KES 3,500, at 5,000 Kms. Major service ought to be done after every 10,000 Km interval and with Carhoot all you have to do is schedule a pick up or drop off whenever you are ready, and a member of our team will come to your location.




The Toyota Vitz is a car that will not let you down and has great value for money. Toyota has invested greatly in making it one of the most popular and best selling cars across the globe, and it has found its place to stay on Kenyan roads.



? Great Fuel Economy
?Affordable to Maintain

? Great Resale Value

? Reliable Performance

? Dedicated Safety Features

? Sporty & Well Tuned Suspension

? Convenient Features



× Slow in Acceleration × Low Clearance

If you need any help purchasing a new or used Toyota Vitz do not hesitate to call us on 0720039039.


Choose Joy!


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