Why The Subaru 2.0 XT Is Worth Every Shilling!

Why The Subaru 2.0 XT Is Worth Every Shilling!


Time waits for no man, driver or car; and the smart people at Subaru know this. They have mastered the art of using technological advancements to build cars that meet consumer needs almost perfectly. The insane amount of competition in the automotive industry means that automakers are being pushed even further every passing year to make cars even more special. The 2014 Subaru 2.0/2.5 XT Forester is no exception – integrating a range of ground-breaking features to maximize user experience and provide sustainable ownership costs. This powerful, fun to drive crossover SUV checks every box if you are looking for a car that’s easy to maintain, has amazing value for money and a great resale value. It’s also really really fast!

What’s Under The Hood? Engine and Performance

The XT model has a four-cylinder-powered engine that produces power at 274 km/h with 174 lb-ft of torque and can contain up to 2.5 litres of fuel. The fuel tank capacity stands at slightly over 60L. Thanks to its turbocharged engine and super cool sport-tuned CVT feature, the XT is quite fuel-efficient. This means the ever-changing fuel prices won’t affect you too much! You can also enjoy cruising along the Southern Bypass and tapping into your inner Lewis Hamilton quite easily, thanks to the lineartronic continuously variable transmission. This feature makes proper use of the powerful engine easily while still maintaining a very respectable fuel mileage at top speeds. To select the Sports mode gear or Sport Sharp Mode, you have to make use of the steering wheel-mounted paddles.
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Why The Subaru X.T. Is One Of The Safest Crossover SUVs On The Road?

According to an Automotive Consumer Insight Report by Deloitte East Africa in 2018, safety ranked as the 2nd most important criterion by Kenyan drivers after fuel efficiency and was closely followed by value for money. Road safety is a huge issue and the cars we drive can greatly influence the number and lives we can save and protect. With the 2014 Subaru XT, it is clear that a lot was put into consideration. From the investments to improve driver visibility to the 4-wheel-disc rear and front brakes…Subaru drivers have more control. The car also features an engine immobilizer, a post-collision safety system, stability control, and a remote anti-theft system. These safety subsystems among others have made Subaru Forester among the safest crossover.

How Much Fun Can You Have While Driving The XT? Tech & Infotainment

Those road trips to Naivasha are sure to be fun and filled with great music thanks to the in-built 440 watts Harman Kardon audio system. It can easily be linked to your phone thanks to Subaru’s Star Link touchscreen and cloud services that we highly recommend. The XT’s in-car entertainment also comes with a radio data system, auxiliary audio input, and external media controls. If you were wondering about BlueTooth, it comes with that too. The Eye-Sight systems are a great bonus and use windshield-mounted cameras to detect obstacles on the road. It can spot safety risks up to 8 meters ahead and can engage the brakes with just 0.4g weight in case it detects a possible collision! The clever people at Subaru refer to this as a “blind-spot minimization strategy,” and we can’t help but think of all those poor bumpers that could have been saved if every car and driver made use of this tech!

Design and Styling

The XT is quite a comfortable ride for both drivers and passengers. Taller people can now stretch even more without affecting the rest of us thanks to the added 35 mm, which is approximately 1.4 inches longer than its predecessor. Comfortability in the front seat has been improved by adjustability features, power-adjustable lumbar support for the back, and a front-head room of 40.0 inches. The cargo space has also been increased significantly making any road trips whether to shagz or just for fun much easier. For ease of entry and exit into the car, the doors have an extra 355 mm and visibility improved by moving the front mirror to the front doors. They also added a compartment separator to the interior, and a 110V power outlet kit, an auto-dim mirror compass, and all-weather floor mats.


The 2014 Subaru XT is a beautiful and reliable car that’s is as fun to drive as it is as easy to maintain. The fact that you can drive fast as well as easily manage fuel consumption is honestly every driver’s dream. Safety has also been greatly improved compared to previous models, not just in terms of driving and accidents but also in regards to theft. The XT is not an easy car to steal, and will probably stay off the list of Nairobi’s infamous theft cartels. Lastly, its versatility under multiple conditions makes it a great vehicle for a wide range of terrain. From smooth city streets, and steep hills to the rugged paths of rural areas, this baby can handle it!

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