5 Engine noises that require immediate attention

Every car produces its own set of noises. As the driver, you get used to these sounds and know that they aren’t a sign something is wrong. However, if those sounds start to change, the noises are more likely a sign something is also changing with the way your car operates. 

While it could just be something completely harmless, if those noises are coming from your engine, you want to get them checked. If you are experiencing any of these five noises, they shouldn’t be ignored.

Squealing noises 

Is there ever a time that squealing is good, even outside of the automotive World? If you hear a squeal coming from under the hood, it should cause alarm. Most times, this annoying sound is related to a loose or worn-out serpentine belt.

The serpentine belt is essential and if it snaps, all power to the engine’s accessories is lost and you are left on the side of the road.

However, there is the possibility the squealing is being caused by low fluids. You can always check the engine oil level to see if it is low. Also, if you hear squealing when you brake, you might need new brake pads.

Your best bet is probably to still have a professional opinion on what is causing the noise.


Hissing noise

A hissing noise coming from the engine can signal a leak, an overheating engine or even a plugged exhaust system/catalytic converter.If it’s a leak be careful as some liquids are hot or harmful to touch.  

These situations have the potential to quickly escalate into a dangerous situation so whatever the case may be, this is a sign that you need to make an appointment with your mechanic right away for a diagnosis and repair.


Knocking noise

Knocking noises are another cause for concern. In many cases, this indicates an ignition problem. This can be caused by several different things including the timing being off, a bad fuel filter, bad fuel injector, damaged spark plugs, or a bad distributor cap.

When this happens you need to consult a professional Immediately to ensure that a serious engine problem does not occur. 


Clicking noises 

Certain parts of a car’s engine will make a slight clicking or ticking noise as they work. This is completely normal. What isn’t normal is when the noise begins getting louder and louder. 

Thankfully, this condition is one of the easiest to diagnose; just take a look at the dipstick.You can also resolve the issue easily by adding more oil. However, adding oil is a short-term fix. If  the noise does not stop, take it in for repairs as soon as you can.You still want to figure out why your car is low on oil in the first place. 


Popping Sound 

A popping sound could indicate several different issues. Some of the most common include a dirty air filter, worn-out spark plugs or spark wires, internal ignition malfunctions, or even clogged fuel filter.Nonetheless, make sure an expert takes a look to provide proper determination and mechanical repair.

Strange engine noises can mean anything from a simple fix to a complete engine repair. Regardless, you should never ignore the noise coming from your car’s engine. Be sure to take your car to a reputable mechanic for service.


It is tempting to close your eyes, turn up the radio volume and hope it goes away when you encounter one of these sounds while driving in your car. This is not the best solution to the problem. Neglect can result in a far more serious problem.

Fortunately, Carhoot knows exactly how to handle these situations and more. We want to ensure that you are safe and that your engine purrs like a kitten instead of hissing like a snake.

Download the Carhoot app today or call us on 0720 039039 to schedule for a car service. We will run full diagnostics to determine what’s causing the problem and have our certified Mechanics fix your car.