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Why You Can Never Go Wrong With The Mercedes C-Class

When it comes to Mercedes Benz, the slogan “The Best or Nothing” is all parts true! The C-Class range of cars has been dubbed some of the best cars money can buy for good reason. Mercedes has been leading the “game” for over five generations, having cornered the market by building a brand that has become synonymous with class, luxury, and quality. The C-Class range has been a fan favorite across the globe because of its affordability and unmistakable style attributes that can be directly linked to the superior S-Class model. However, the 2014 Mercedes C-Class range is so much more than a miniaturized version of the S-Class…This 5 seaters executive car comes in a variety of three-body options i.e. saloon, coupe, and station wagon, thus broadening its appeal to more than just career individuals and expanding its reach to family and other markets.

 …noise refinement, fuel efficiency, aerodynamics and a beautiful interior that is worth every shilling!

The story behind the new 2014 Mercedes C-Class design was a combination of teamwork, brilliance, and technological ingenuity. After an internal design competition among all five of Mercedes design centers, the final

The C-Class Range of Mercedes Car Models

The C-Class range represents Mercedes’s entry-level class of executive cars, with the C180 being the base model in Europe and the C200 being the base model in Australia (where it was the sedan of choice). Due to the fact that it comes with base equipment and engines, the C-180 is also the most affordable in the C-Class category. The entire range has been able to offer its users an unbeatable combination of luxury and affordability. The C250 however has more elegant features and the differences can be spotted in areas like the dashboard and interior. Despite stiff competition, the C-Class range of sedans has managed to outshine competitors such as Audi, Toyota, VW & Subaru due to the unmistakable quality each of the cars in the range provides.

Attention To Detail In The Interior

The interior isn’t just roomy, but elegant! With enough legroom that even the tallest of our friends will appreciate whether in the driving seat or as passengers, universal comfort was clearly a huge part of the design. According to Mercedes, the 80mm-longer wheelbase brings an extra 25mm of legroom than previous designs. The seats are made of high-quality artificial leather that can fool most people and will make any journey comfortable whether you are in the driving seat or a passenger. Everywhere you seem to look, the cabin has been covered with tactile surfaces that surpass even the standard touchpoints! From the window switches to the glovebox, the consistency in the design and color of the trims creates an elegance only surpassed by the S-Class. They even used the same pleasant perfume dispenser as the much superior model, giving the entire interior that signature Mercedes scent.

 When it comes to infotainment, the dashboard screen bears a lot of similarities to an Ipad Air, and it is believed that the design was heavily influenced by Apple. The updated command system has a cool new controller that brings together the convenience of a touchpad and the natural intuitiveness of a rotary dial. Drivers can easily use the touchpad to go through a variety of menu items. The satellite navigation system is however the only letdown and can be said to make finding your way a little bit harder than needed. The main cause of this is the delayed route graphics and audio instructions.

Engine & Performance

With a choice of five different engine options in both petrol and diesel, we understand if you are spoilt for choice! The C180 comes with a Turbocharged 1.6 Litre 154PS petrol engine that is linked to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission. It has less engine power but boasts a refined and pretty much soundproof driving experience that everyone finds enjoyable. With an impressive 5.5 liters of fuel per 100km, the C-180 may be slower than its C-Class companions but it sure is pocket-friendly!

 The class favorite, the C200 has been dubbed the mid-sized warrior due to its extensive popularity all over the world. The C200 comes with two engine options; the Turbocharged 1.8 Litre 204PS petrol engine and the Turbocharged 2.1 Litre diesel engines turbocharged 1.8 Litre 204PS engine. It boasts very respectable speeds, with the seven-speed dual-clutch helping this relatively light car go from 0 to 100km/hr in just 7.3 seconds and a fuel economy of 6.0L/100Km.
 There are five different driving modes, offering drivers the choice between Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual. In each position, four parameters are changed, namely the throttle response, steering effort, air conditioning power, and start-stop system. In automatic models, the shift points are tailored to each mode too. In Sport and Sport+ modes, the engine management matches the revs with each downshift, an entertaining – if somewhat pointless – feature on such a frugal, economy-minded diesel.

In Conclusion

The Mercedes C-Class range goes above and beyond expectations, built by the world’s best automaker with longevity and high standards in mind. The entire team at Carhoot considers the C-200 as the best option all-around option, ideal for business professionals, executives, and car lovers who can appreciate all the benefits of owning this beautiful vehicle! If you are having thoughts about buying yourself a Mercedes Benz then explore our verified stock units both locally and abroad! Reach out to our Car Sales Agents and get the personalized assistance you need to find the right Benz for you!

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