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Why Carhoot Is The Ultimate Hero For Tech-Savvy Kenyan Drivers

Car trouble is one of those nightmares that can actually turn into a reality. From punctured tires to stalled engines, these things have that nagging habit of happening on days you need everything to go right. CarHoot is a mobile car maintenance and service app that takes care of the stress, baggage, time and worry associated with car problems of every kind; And just like our fav heroes, its more than a one-trick pony. CarHoot gives its users access to verified and high-quality spare parts with a warranty, and can even help users buy or import a car!


You Are On Your Way To An Important Meeting And Your Engine Stalls?


Maybe its a job interview or the day you are meant to give an important presentation to your board or star client…car trouble can change your life (or be the reason it doesn’t change). Picture yourself cruising slowly along Waiyaki Way during the morning rush hour and your engine quits while you are driving! Time slows down and you can feel as you slowly lose control of the power steering. Panic gives way to reality and you engage your brakes and switch on your hazards. Now, its not just the matatus and many cars causing the morning traffic. You feel the pressure, time is slowly ticking by, a good samaritan helps you steer your car to the roadside and you pull out your jumper cables but your baby just won’t start. You call your mechanic, but he is all the way in Industrial Area and isn’t available for another hour or so. The next thing on your mind is probably who to trust with your vehicle as you find a way to go to your meeting on time. It’s a Monday, you have to find someone who is free and knows about cars and can afford to spend whatever time it takes to babysit your car with the mechanic. You look through your phone book and realize your head hurts and your sweaty cause everyone you trust is busy! …




No Stopping Reggae…Life Goes On With Carhoot!


With CarHoot the safety, security and care of your car are all we are about. We believe that as a working professional time is money and yours is better spent worrying about more important things. Spending the whole day or days in the garage is the opposite of productive. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to give you any type of roadside assistance you need. Once you have dropped your pin, confirmed your location and described the issue, all you have to do is place your order and a member of our team will be with you in under 30 minutes. For such cases, we even have verified drivers and towing partners who will take your car to a verified garage and you will receive an update via text message on your phone. Once your car is ready for collection, you will be notified and billed accordingly.




Privacy, Peace Of Mind & Independence


Car trouble can be embarrassing, especially if you are not into cars, or are new to driving. Sometimes you don’t want to make that call to your parent, partner, friend or even ex. We all feel better when we can take care of things on our own and CarHoot provides just that. We guide our users on everything they need to keep their car running smoothly. From service reminders and deals to premium wheel care and genuine spare parts. All you need is the app!




New Ride, Who Dis?


Looking for an upgrade? The car sales industry in Kenya has been known to have more than a few bad apples. This makes it harder for drivers to trust the good car dealers around and avoid been taking advantage of by unsavoury characters. Our transparent car import service allows users to work hand in hand with a dedicated agent, who will guide them on the best countries to choose from depending on the model they are looking for and even help with the annoying clearing process. Everything is recorded on the app, protecting both the customer and the agent from any “monkey business.” Furthermore, our rates are extremely competitive, giving users access to unmatched and affordable quality services.


JOIN US as we ride into a new era of better days and better drives. Submit your email to the contact form at the bottom of our homepage and get an alert when we launch in 23 days. The app will be available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

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