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Everything You Need To Know About The Carhoot App

Kenya is a nation of uncelebrated car lovers. With all the cars on our roads, it’s actually surprising someone else hadn’t thought of this; but we don’t mind being the first ones. CarHoot is a tech solution, for a tech-nation full of tech-loving drivers. We take care of all those little (and sometimes not so little) aspects of owning a car in Kenya. Think of all the things you could do if you never had to spend another minute in the garage “supervising” your mechanic, and still keep your car in tiptop shape? Think of all the airtime you could save from calling your friends, family and even exes trying to figure out why your car is making those funny sounds? And honestly, who else needs to know that you accidentally locked your keys in your car again. That is an entirely private matter we can help you deal with privately. All you need is an internet connection, and our app installed on your smartphone. We have literally made it our business to swoop in, just like the coolest heroes in your favourite comic books growing up (Avengers and Batman excluded) and very much save the day!




What Does It Do?


CarHoot helps users gain access to:

  • 24 Hours roadside assistance and rescue services;

  • On-demand auto service and repairs with real-time updates to keep you in the loop;

  • Free pick up and drop at your convenience;

  • Our verified network of drivers;

  • Our verified network of garages and repair shops;

  • Genuine car parts and spares with a warranty; and

  • Transparent and hustle free car imports.


How Does It Work?


Once you have the app downloaded onto your smartphone, all you have to do is:


1) Select Your Preferred Service


We offer a wide range of services. From helping you tow, fix flat tires, deal with dead batteries, top-up fuel, unlock your car and assist during accidents. In addition, we take care of maintenance activities such as general servicing, wheel maintenance, installing trackers & car radios, detailing, upholstery and custom repairs. All you have to do is choose what you need at the time and initiate a request through the app.




2) Confirm Your Details


It pays to be sure. Once settled on your service, confirm your car details and location information. This will enable our team to reach you and your car in the quickest time possible, with the right tools to help you.




3) Process Your Payments


Our online payment system is empowered with the best encryption tools, allowing you to process and make payments seamlessly, Once you have processed your order, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the Car Hoot team to get the ball rolling. Honestly, it’s as easy as driving an automatic…actually easier.

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