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Car Care Resolutions We Should All Try To Keep In 2021!

Happy 2021 from all of us at Carhoot!


We are all still reeling from the unique and history-defying year that was 2020, and as the entire world clamours to achieve a semblance of normalcy this year… there are a few things we should talk about. For instance, have you considered adding your car to your New Years resolution list this year? Think about it, we use our cars every single day. They are our secret keepers, junk carriers, and food stores (sometimes) and its only fair if we give them the much-needed TLC they need to stay slaying for as long as we need them.




Stop Skipping Service Appointments


Taking care of your car and going for service checks can be annoying and boring but it can also save your life and the life of other drivers. Aside from the safety implications, keeping up with scheduled service appointments may seem expensive but these checks are vital in ensuring in preventing more expensive issues from arising and affecting you and your vehicle. Keeping up with your car service maintainece checks ensures that:

  1. You save money on preventative repairs;

  2. Keep your car running efficiently and safely;

  3. Keep your car in great resale condition;

PRO TIP: Take advantage of Carhoot’s automated car maintenance reminders by downloading the app today on Google Play and the Apple Store.




A Clean Car = A Happy Driver


Let’s promise to keep the junk in our cars at a minimum this year. Aside from helping us feel a whole lot better in a clean and great smelling car, getting rid of unnecessary junk and items is very important for road safety. In cases of accidents, items that are not properly strapped down and stored can cause injuries. Also, regularly vacuuming your car interior and keeping it clean will help maintain its resale value and prevent damage to the interior and seats. This year lets all promise to make proper use of our cup holders, wash our car interiors and exteriors regularly and go for detailing as often as we can afford to.




Resist Your Road Rage Cravings


We are all human, meaning none of us are perfect drivers. So, no matter how annoying it gets when someone cuts you off or is driving slowly on the highway, take a deep breath and remember that we all make mistakes. The truth is, they most likely did not intend to cut you off or have a whole world of reasons as to why they made that wrong turn. Being nice and polite is way more productive and helpful to other drivers, even in times of accidents and small mishaps.




Protect The Environment


Our highways still remain as some of the most littered areas of our cities and towns across the world. The only reason for this is because of a cultivated culture of littering through our car windows. Invest in a collapsible car dustbin for your car to store all those candy wrappers and food packaging during your road trips and make it a rule fo you and any occupants in your car to dispose of any trash responsibly.




Learn A Few Car Maintenance Skills


There is no better feeling than learning a new skill. Especially for new drivers, it pays to know what is happening or going on with your car. Whether it’s learning to change your tire or understanding just how your engine works. These skills may come in handy when you are driving in remote places where access to car care professionals is limited and will also help you properly relay information during those instances you need professional assistance from your mechanic.


We hope that 2021 is a great year for you and your vehicle!



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