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99 Problems But A Car Ain’t One: Transforming Car Maintenance for African Drivers

Isn’t it funny how we can order almost everything at the touch of your fingers, but when your car battery dies the only place you can turn to is your phonebook and that might not even be enough? CarHoot’s sole purpose is to remove the cumbersome burden of car maintenance from regular car owners in Africa. With


the added pressure of social media and the growth of aspirational cultures and habits, the world’s largest population of youth is even more determined than before to join the ranks or the car-owner clique. The reality is that no one understands just how hectic maintaining a car in Africa can get. The situation is even worse for female car owners and drivers who have to overcome gender bias from mechanics, service providers, and even other providers.


Women Belong Behind The Wheel!


After the laughter has died down from all the jokes, memes, and puns surrounding women drivers what we are left with is a society that preaches water and chugs a crate load of beer. There’s a huge gender bias in the local Kenyan automotive industry that needs to be called out. It’s 2020 and the fact is that a lot of female car owners pay more for regular car maintenance services just because of their gender. There is a silent expectation for women to have a man in their lives to help them with their cars and that’s far from reality. We are surrounded by strong independent women who drive and take care of their cars better than most people and it’s not fair that they get still get targeted in this day and age.


One of the main reasons for CarHoot’s existence is to right these commonly accepted wrongs and create a semblance of equity. By shifting the burden of car service maintenance to our platform, it doesn’t matter what race, gender, religion, or tribe you are. Everyone deserves access to great service without stress.


Let’s Put An End To The Paranoia


Want to know a shocking fact? 59% of Kenyan drivers have no clue whether the spare parts they buy are genuine. Stories of people taking their cars to be fixed and leaving with their genuine working car parts switched out for fakes or sub-standard parts are commonplace. That’s the main reason why most of us can’t trust our mechanics even when they are great guys. We end up spending way too much unnecessary time “supervising” what’s happening; and if we are really honest, some or most of the time we don’t even have a clue what’s happening.


CarHoot is here to give you the freedom to take care of your car without stress, find all the proper spare parts you need, and get access to free and fair pricing.


Only 14 days to our big launch! Make sure you join our virtual event and stand a chance to be part of the lucky few who try the app live and even win a few cool giveaways!

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