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5 Car Battery Maintenance Hacks for Every Car Owner

The thing about life is, doing things ‘early” often saves us a lot of heartache and pain. This rule makes no exception when it comes to cars. Preventative maintenance doesn’t only just lower costs but can contribute heavily to vehicle safety and saving lives. Maintaining your battery can also help reduce overall maintenance costs, enhance your travel experiences and improve your car’s productivity.


The best part is, it’s not rocket science and with these few tips, you can be well on your way to becoming a better car owner…because car batteries matter way more than we know!


1. Clean Your Car Battery Regularly




Taking a few minutes every week to check your car battery each week is something every driver should make a habit of doing. It probably sounds annoying but it’s not as annoying as the quote of a new battery. Cleaning your battery ore regularly is even more important if you live in high humid areas like Kisumu or Mombasa. Car batteries and the areas around them tend to attract corrosion, and the build-up of this may lead that cost a lot to fix.




Keep some dielectric grease handy at home and use it to clean your battery terminal area regularly. If you notice any signs of corrosion and dirt already starting to build up, find an ammonia-based window cleaner and use it to get rid of the corrosion.


2. Pay Attention To The Signs




Ignorance is bliss, but not with cars. The most obvious sign that something may be wrong with your battery is if the battery indicator light starts blinking. It often means that your car’s charging system is faulty but it could still be other issues. If your battery is not in the best condition, you will probably know. Signs like the intensity of your headlights being low or your car taking longer than usual to start are some common indicators that it may be time for a replacement or that your battery isn’t charging enough.




If your car battery dies, don’t stress out. Just log on to Carhoot and take advantage of our Car Recovery services, we will have someone ready to help you jump start your car or replace your battery in minutes. Also, if you notice signs of your battery cracking or any acid leaking, DO NOT use a jump start cable!


3. Be Wise About How You Use Your Car’s Accessories




Car maintenance is all about being able to manage how you use all the features of your car. Car’s are built with the primary purpose of generating enough power to move us from point A to B. Everything else is secondary. Excessive use of some secondary features can shorten the life span of your car battery considerably.




Limit the use of Bluetooth and car headlights to when only when necessary


4. Check the Water Levels




If the electrolytes in your car battery are low, the plates will be exposed and you will be able to see them. This can easily be fixed by topping up the cells with water and making sure they are all covered before charging it or driving around for a few days.




Use only distilled water to fill your car battery cells if it is running low. Using other liquids may reduce your car’s battery life span.


5. Go On A Road Trip Once In A While




Aside from being incredibly fun, road trips or long drives help keep your battery properly charged.


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