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Kenya’s Car Market Is Improving, But Still 10% Below Pre-Covid Levels

With all the traffic and cars we see on our roads it is quite interesting that the automobile market isn’t performing as well as it seems. The Kenyan car market appears to be bouncing back rather well, but is still at least 10.6% below the market trends being seen before the Coronavirus pandemic struck. Currently, 480 units were sold in June marking a 5.7% growth, leading sales for the first half of 2021 at 2.940 units (+55%). Renault also caught our attention by surprise, after managing to out do its peers with a remarkable 450% growth.

How The Car Market Performed In June 2021

There was a rather noticeable dwindle in sales, after a 38.7% increase in April. This however was still a 55% improvement in sales, compared to last year, with 480 cars sold. Toyota’s slogan is still ringing true, with a 13.6% improvement in the leaderboard and an impressive 33.8% market share. The success of the Toyota team at the recently concluded WRC rally may also be influencing the market, as the Toyota Yaris was heavily marketed. Toyota has also recently introduced a number of new models into the market, most notably the Urban Crusier that has received positive reviews across the board. Aside from Renault, there was good news for Nissan this month after they went up 3 spots to take third place with a 265.6% increase in sales.

Half Way Through 2021...What's Trending In The Car Market?

It is no shock that car sales are still incredibly low and with the 2022 general elections approaching, the noticeable cold feet being exhibited can easily be understood. The second hand car market is also seeing an improvement, with the demand and number of cars being imported beginning to rise. Brands like Toyota and BMW are becoming creative with their marketing, by using local influencers such as Adventure Singh and Catherine Kariuki to test drive and showcase their cars to their audiences. In total, Q2 sales grew by 41.6% compared to the low levels we saw in 2020 but a far cry from the record breaking numbers witnessed in 2015. In terms of car models, compact crossover SUVs continue to grow in popularity.


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